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Meeting Dates:

NPHC Meetings are held on every fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. Representatives should 

get information from their respective Chapter President.

NPHC Committee List:

Audit Committee: Jeffrey Ushry, Chair

The Committee Chair facilitates a financial statement preparation, compilation, review, and/or audit of the books of the Financial Secretary and Treasurer

Budget & Finance Committee: Deborah Pickens, Chair

This Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. The Budget and Finance Committee shall oversee the Council’s fundraising activities and financial operations, and shall compile an annual budget to be submitted for approval by the Council each year.

Community Impact Committee: Mia Prewitt, Chair

The Community Impact Committee manages the Council’s community service initiatives and scholarship programs.

Membership Satisfaction Committee: D Malone

The Membership Satisfaction Committee identifies the issues affecting members’

The committee shall identify the issues affecting members engagement with the Council, propose strategies to foster greater participation, and develop initiatives designed to enhance benefits for member organizations.

Undergraduate Relations Committee: Kendall Lee, Chair

This committee serves as a liaison to the active chapters of

undergraduate NPHC, which must fall within a 50-mile radius of Columbus, Ohio
(or as otherwise determined by the Council), and assists in developing a
relationship with undergraduate members of those NPHC organizations, and the
leadership of the universities’ Greek Life departments.

Visibility & Awareness Committee: Michael D Nicholson, Chair

The committee manages the publicity, marketing, and branding functions for the Council.

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